Setting up New CBSE/ICSE/IGCSE School

Requirements for Opening a New School

Opening a new school, whether affiliated to CBSE, CISCE or IB is a challenge that baffles many people. The requirements are many and time always falls short. This is because of the many steps required like drafting, checking, a draft of the printed matter, again checking the draft of the printed matter and finally the approval! This is not only painstaking but also time-consuming. To make it easy for a promoter of a new school, given below is the list of the requirements for a new school. Form a Trust/Society/Section 8 Company- This process may take up to 3 months Procurement of Land...
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How to Set up a New School?

Setting up a new school is a challenging and time taking process. The thought of setting up a new school signifies demand of delivering high quality education in the education sector. Following the guidelines will give a fruitful result of opening a new school in the field of education. The implementation requires appropriate planning, documentations and investment for a few months to get the result where a committed team of varied skills gives a lot of efforts for the fulfillment. The choice of entering into the education sector needs a specific vision for knowledge with the localities. Th...
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