Is it compulsory to have affiliation immediately after starting the school ?

No, it all depends upon the classes you start within the first academic session.

When should I apply for CBSE Affiliation?

Though CBSE has given options for affiliation at Middle Level, Secondary Level, and Sr. Secondary Level, out of which you may skip Middle school level affiliation and directly apply for Secondary level affiliation as per the norms of CBSE.

Middle school application must be filed before starting class VII
The secondary Level application must be filed before starting class IX
Sr. Secondary Level application must be filed after obtaining Secondary Level affiliation and before starting class XI.

How to switch over from State Board to CBSE?

CBSE grants affiliation under switch over cases from State Board/CISCE/IB provided all the norms are followed.

What is the last date for filing the application ?

Every year the CBSE portal gets opened on 1st January for accepting the application and the last date is 30th June. These applications would be considered for the next academic session of the filing year.

How much fee do I need to pay for the affiliation ?

The affiliation fee as on July 2018 under various category is given below
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Is it compulsory to have lease deed of land for the affiliation ?

CBSE expects a document which clarifies the ownership status of the society over the property in which the school is running. This can be established as

  • Registry or Sale Deed in the name of the Society / Trust / Section 8 Company as the principal owner of the property, then lease deed is not required.
  • Lease deed signed by the owner in the favor of Society / Trust / Section 8 Company for the minimum of 30 years.
What all documents / certificates do I need to prepare for filing the application?

There are a good number of documents required by CBSE before conducting the inspection for affiliation, such as

  • State level recognition certificate, which should not be of less than VIII standard.
  • State government No Obection Certificate (NOC) for CBSE affiliation.
  • Last 3 years audited balance sheet of School, not the Society / Trust / Section 8 Company.
  • EPF challan for the current month
  • Copy of Lease Deed / Sale deed in favour of Society / Trust / Section 8 Company.
  • Land Certificate (in CBSE’s given format only)
  • Society/Trust/Company’s Registration certificate and Bye laws
  • Building Safety Certificate (in CBSE’s given format only)
  • Non Proprietary Character of the Society
  • Fire Safety Certificate (in CBSE’s given format only)
  • Safe drinking water certificate (in CBSE’s given format only)
  • Sanitation Certificate (in CBSE’s given format only)
  • Salary Certificate by the Education officer (in CBSE’s given format only)
  • Bank certficate for ECS payment of staff salary
  • Proof of Reserve Fund
What is the usual process after filing for application ?

The process goes as given below:

  • After the successful filing of the application, deficiencies (if any) will be scrutinized. In case of deficiencies, the applicant will be given 30 days time to comply the same, failing which may lead to rejection of application.
  • After the compliances of deficiencies, the Inspection committee will be formed who are supposed to do the inspection within the allotted number of days and submit the online report.
  • Post Inspection affiliation will be granted or rejected or maybe deficiency will be raised for compliance, on the basis of the report submitted by the inspection committee.