Month: February 2019

The Pleasure of Reading

The modern education system is generally considered demanding, leaving little room for hobbies. Those giving their Boards have their day structured in such a way that reading books for pleasure is completely forsaken. Many school libraries stop issuing books to students giving Board exams so that they focus only on the syllabus. However, research has shown that there are students for whom reading fiction has actually helped them cope with the stress of exams. Developing the habit of reading in childhood has many benefits like language improvement, but that is not to say that it cannot be de...
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Good Handwriting-a Boon!

We have often heard parents and teachers drilling into us the benefits of neat and well-formed writing. In the technological world that we live in most of our adult life is completely taken over by the keyboard and it does not matter whether we have a good cursive writing or not. Notwithstanding that, our school life still has use for handwriting skills. At the pre-primary stage, it helps if a child is: taught to hold the pencil right, sits in a comfortable chair of the correct height so that he/she can bend at the correct angle, which, in turn, will ensure that the correct amoun...
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